Living the “3 Simple Rules”

Learning to live the Methodist “General Rules”

Some Suggestions for Living Out the 3 Simple Rules

Posted by Bob Johnson on July 14, 2008

Melissa Maher, Pastor of Serving Ministries at Chapelwood, offers the following suggestions for living out the 3 simple rules in our lives…


Do no harm

  • God’s love is expressed through His justice tempered by His mercy. Reflect on what this means. 
  • What are ways that you can listen to those around you who are crying out for justice? What injustices (ways that equality and dignity are withheld) do you see in your neighborhood, work or city?
  • Practice this week listening and hearing the cries of injustice. Pray for those who are oppressed.
  • Reflect on ways that you or your family may be doing harm without being aware.
    • Consider consumption practices and places you shop. Are workers treated fairly? Are farmers or artisans fairly compensated for their work? Are you purchasing items that Wesley called “luxurious” and not contributing to the necessities of life?
    • Example:  purchase Equal Exchange (fair trade) Coffee once a month at Chapelwood in the fountain hallway.
    • Buy presents from fair trade shops such as Ten Thousand Villages.
  • Reflect on how your energy usage affects the lives of coal miners in Appalachia, clean drinking water in Africa or India, and food supplies around the world.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Unplug unused gadgets or appliances.
  • Start hanging your clothes to dry several times a week instead of using the dryer every time.


Do good

  • To do good is to reflect the love of God. Serving others means we are the hands of Christ serving Christ.
  • Purchase a uniform for a student in need during the “Back to School” with MAM (Memorial Assistance Ministries) program. Look for the table in the fountain hallway through July 27.
  • Become a mentor for a student in Spring Branch. There will be opportunities to sign up in August.
  • Serve a meal at SEARCH the first Tuesday of the month with other Chapelwood members—the first Tuesday is the day Chapelwood has committed to serve each month.
  • Commit to praying every day as a family or small group for those who go hungry or without shelter.   
  • Make basic care packages for the homeless. Give them to a person on the street, SEARCH, or Westside Homeless Partnership.
  • Make a conscious effort to extend a kind word and compassion to each person you come in contact with…at work, in the grocery store, pumping gas in your car, and even at church!


Stay in love with God

  • Take 15 minutes of silence at the beginning of the day to ask for God’s presence to fill you, surround you and go before you. Listen to God’s voice. Center your thoughts on one phrase or Bible verse.
  • Take 15 minutes of silence at the end of the day to examine where you saw or heard God throughout the day.
  • Incorporate works of piety in your private time and in your journey with other followers of Christ.
  • How and when do you hear the voice of God? In nature, exercise, moments of stillness, service? Make a covenant with your family or friends of how you will practice this intentional way of hearing God.

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